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Béjaïa in Arabic; Bougie in French; Bgayet o Vgaiet in Berber

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Internacional Airport of Bejaïa – Soummam - Abane Ramdane

Nearby airports:

  • Algiers Internacional Airport Houari Boumediene
  • Annaba-Rabah Bitat Airport
  • Constantine Airport


  • The port of Bejaia is the second most important of Algeria, after Algiers


  • Train: communicating with Algiers, 175km away


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To visit


  • Fort Moussa or Barral
  • The Casbah
  • Saracen gate
  • Gate of the Sea
  • Sidi Soufi Moske
  • Toudja Aqueduct


  • 1st of November 1954 Square
  • Beach of the Aiguades (name of Catalan origin)
  • Soummam river estuary, which flows into Bejaia
  • Gouraya Nacional Park, mountainous and coastal with large forests, close to Bejaia:
  • Bejaia’s surroundings present a magnificent Mediterranean coast which is an enormous tourist potential

Do not forget

  • Bejaia is a port, industrial and university city with a population of 180,000
  • It has a great cultural dynamism (ten cultural associations), especially as the capital of the region of Kabylia, with a Berber or Amazig majority
  • Olive oil is the most appreciated agricultural local product along with beekeeping and figs
  • Bejaia has an important musical tradition, with local musicians that fusion kabylian folklore with rock. In summer they hold an annual amazigh music festival
  • Kabilyan cuisine is the traditionally Berber. Some traditional recipes: aghroum, tamtunt, tikourbabine, couscous, chorba, timsemnin.

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