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Ramon Llull. Portrait of the 16th century. Schweizerische Sammlung f. Historisches Apothekenwesen. Basilea, Suiza. Grabado. FRimages. Photoaisa.

Ramon Llull (Raimundo Lulio) was born in Ciutat de Mallorca (medieval name for Palma in Catalan) in 1232 or 1233, shortly after the Catalan-Aragonese conquest of the island by King Jaime I (1229). Llull was a bold thinker, a fervent mystic and a precursor in various fields of knowledge. He travelled through the Mediterranean looking for the support of the Monarchs for his cause, which was none other than the conversion of the “infidel”.

His weapon was the reason, the “Ars” (Art), a philosophic method based on debate that should be infallible. He wrote in Catalan, Latin and Arabic.  He died disappointed in 1316, more than eighty years old, on the ship back from Tunisia, where he went to debate with the Muslims. The figure of Ramon Llull has widened over the centuries.


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«No treasure is greater than the truth»

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Ramon Llull was born in Mallorca three years after the Christian Conquest of the Island by the Catalan king Jaime I in 1229.

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