Ramon Llull

To talk about Ramon Llull is to do it also about his graphic universe. Firstly there are the geometric figures that he included in his books; they are mainly circles for the practice and teaching of the logical reasoning he devised (the Ars); they look cryptic to the non-experts and yet surprising for their beautiful design reminiscent of the Buddhist’s mandalas. Secondly is the abundant iconography created around the figure of Llull after his death: miniatures, engravings, paintings, statues, etc.; stand out the images of the Breviculum, edited by Thomas Le Myésier in 1325: a set of 12 attractive full colour vignettes that narrate his life and have been described as the “first comic book in history” (http://www.lullianarts.net/miniatures/index.HTM).

The iconography of Ramon Llull is also nourished on the landscapes of the places he visited and which we can visualize through present photographs or antique engravings: monasteries, churches, castles, squares, gardens and natural environment, places where we can still capture the spiritual that pervaded his life.

What do the images related to Ramon Llull inspire you? Draw, paint or design and share your work on line. Anything goes: drawing painting, collage, treated photography, home videos, etc. You can complete your work with words (Ramon Llull’s or yours) and with music (medieval or present).

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