Ramon Llull in an interview with the Pope. Breviculum, VIII. Thomas le Myésier, 1325. http://lullianarts.net/

He was aware of the significance of having the cooperation of the statesmen for his project of converting the “infidels”. He seeks (and obtains only in part) the support of the Aragon Crown, the King of France, several Popes and other leaders of that time. His interest in politics is expressed in books of strategic contents relating to a project, finally unsuccessful, of a Crusade to the Holy Land (“Liber de fine”).

The “Llibre de les bèsties” (“Book of beasts”) is a flagrant satire to politics that use power for personal gain. He always showed great interest in the geopolitical events of his time, to which he adapted his plans of travel and work.


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«Your soul has greater value than your body»

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Ramon Llull left his family and mundane life in 1262 to devote himself with body and soul to the conversion of the “infidels”.

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