Ramon Llull learns Arabic from a slave in Mallorca. Breviculum, III. Thomas le Myésier, 1325. http://lullianarts.net/

He wrote in Latin, Catalan and Arabic; however there is no surviving original book in that language. In some of his work he combined more than one language. His knowledge of Arabic was unique among the Latin theologians. And probably he also spoke French and Occitan. He was the promoter for translating his own books which he did himself or had them translated into Catalan, Latin, French, Occitan, Italian or Castilian.

He founded a school of eastern languages in Miramar (Mallorca) and he obtained from Pope Clemente V, in the 1311-1312 Council, the creation of more professorships in eastern languages to teach the missionaries.


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«He who do not have himself is very poor»

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Ramon Llull has been considered by some an alchemist, a medieval science that he never practiced.

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