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Kings and Princes

Jaime II of Majorca
Jaime II (1243-1311). King of Mallorca (1276-1311). Llibre de les Franqueses i Privilegis del Regne de Mallorca. Page 13v. King’s Coronation. Gothic art. Miniature. Palma de Mallorca. Archive of the Kingdom of Mallorca. P. Rotger/Iberfoto. Photoaisa.
Jaime II el Justo
Jaime II el Justo (1267-1327). King of Catalonia and Aragon (1291-1327), Sicily (1286-1296) and Sardinia (1324-1327). Painting. Barcelona. Army Museum in Montjuic Castle. M.C.Esteban/Iberfoto. Photoaisa.
(1267-1327, King of Catalonia and Aragon)
Frederick II
Frederick II of Sicily (1272-1337). King of Sicily (1296-1337). Coat of arms of the Aragonese kings of Sicily. Wikipedia. Ipankonin.
(1272-1337, King of Sicily)
Sancho I of Majorca
Sancho I of Mallorca (¿?-1324). King of Mallorca (1311-1324). Llibre de franqueses i privilegis del Regne de Mallorca. Fol. 37. Gothic art. Miniature. Palma de Mallorca. Archive of the Kingdom of Mallorca. J. Bedmar/Iberfoto. Photoaisa.
(…-1324, Count of Rosellon)
Abu-Hafs Umar I
Abu-Hafs Umar I. Emir of Tunis (1284-1295). Standard of the Hafsid dynasty  (hypothesis). IRU SL.
(Emir of Tunisia between 1284-1295)
Henri II de Lusignan
Henri II de Lusignan (1271-1324). King of Cyprus. Coin with the king’s face. Baldwin’s Auctions Ltd.
(1271-1324 King of Cyprus)
Abul-Baqá Kálid
Abul-Baqá Kálid. King of Bejaia (1301-1309). Standard of the Hafsid dynasty  (hypothesis). IRU SL.
(King of Bugia between 1301 and 1309).
Philip IV The Fair
Felipe IV "The Fair" (1268-1314). King of France and Navarra (1285-1314). The king in the centre. French illuminated manuscript (14th century). Gothic art. Miniature. Paris. Biblioteque National. BeBa/Iberfoto. Photoaisa.
(1268-1314, King of France)
Pietro Gradenigo
Pietro Gradenigo (1251-1311). Duce of Venice. Portrait (fragment) h. 1585. Renaissance. Oil on canvas by Jacopo Tintoretto (1518-1594). Venice, Italy. Ducal Palace. The Bridgeman Art Library. Photoaisa.
(1251-1311, Duce of Venice)


Nicholas IV
Nicholas IV (1227-1292). Pope of Roma (1288-1292). "La storia dei papi del cardinale Hergenrother". 1898. Engraving. Costa/Leemage. Photoaisa.
(Pope between 1288 and 1292)
Celestine V
Celestine V 1209-1296). Pope of Rome during a few months in 1294, after being the post vacant for more than two years. Medal with effigy. Cabinet of Medals in Rome. Coin. Costa/Leemage. Photoaisa.
(Pope only during a few months in 1294 after being the post vacant for more than two years)
Boniface VIII
Boniface VIII (1235-1303). Pope of Rome (1294 y 1303). Painting. Florence, Italy. Uffizi Gallery. BeBa/Iberfoto. Photoaisa.
(Pope between 1294 and 1303)
Benedict XI
Benedict XI (1240-1304). Pope of Rome (1303-1304). Fresco by Tommaso da Modena (1325-1379). Capitolo dei Domenicani, Seminary Vescovile, Treviso, Italy. Electa/Leemage. Photoaisa.
(Pope between 1303 and 1304)
Clement V
Clement V (1264 - 1314). Pope from 1305 to 1314. Portrait. First Pope residing in Avignon. Engraving. Mary Evans. Photoaisa.
(first Pope of Avignon between 1305 and 1314).


Arnau de Vilanova
Arnau de Vilanova (h.1238-1311). Distinguished Franciscan. Portrait from 1313 at the University of Montpellier. Painting. MP/Leemage. Photoaisa.
(distinguish Franciscan 1240?-1313?)
Saint Raymond of Peñafort
Saint Raymond of Peñafort (1180-1275). Distinguished Dominican. Detail of the decoration (1440-1441) of the Chapter House of the Convent of Saint Marc, by Fra Angelico Guido di Pietro (1387-1455). Florence, Italy. Convent of Saint Marc. Renaissance. Fresco. Iberfoto. Photoaisa.
(distinguish Dominican, 1180-1275)
Jacques de Molay
Jacques de Molay (1240?-1314). Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Xylograph. Leemage. Photoaisa.
(Grand Master of the Knights Templar of Nicosia, 1240?-1314)
Thomas le Myésier
Thomas le Myésier (¿-1336). Canon, doctor in La Sorbonne and Ramon Llull’s collaborator. Breviculum, XI. Thomas le Myésier, 1325. http://lullianarts.net
(Canon and doctor in la Sorbonne, ?-1336)

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