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Capital of Tunisia; Tūnis en Arabic

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  • Tunis Airport – Carthage
  • Monastir Airport (100 km south), the second in the country


  • Ports of La Goulette and Rades, country’s main commercial port


  • Highways: A-1 (Tunis-Sfax), A-3 (Tunis-Oued-Zarga) y A-4 (Tunis-Bizerte)
  • 200bus lines (STT); light rail, with 1 line, suburban train (TGM), with 1 line; suburban train line under construction (RFR), with 5 lines


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Roman Era:

  • Ruins of Carthage

Middle Ages:

The historic centre of Tunis (the Medina) was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO; is very well preserved

  • Walls, with the gates of Bab el Bhar, Bab el Jazira and others
  • Al-Zaytūna Mosque or of the Olive
  • Mosque of Al-Qșar
  • Kasbah Mosque
  • The souks, a network of narrow shopping streets


  • Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions in the Dar Ben Abdallah Palace
  • National Center of Ceramics, in the mausoleum of Sidi Kacem al Jellizi
  • Bardo National Museum, the most important archaeological museum in the Maghreb (includes Roman mosaics)
  • Science City: 


  • Belvedere Urban Park (more than 100 ha)
  • Tunis Municipal Theater (1902) and the Tunisian National Theater, with quality programs
  • The International Festival of Carthage, founded in 1964 is celebrated in the Roman amphitheatre
  • Some beach resorts nearby: Raf Raf, Sidi Ali El Mekki and the Island of Djerba

Do not forget

  • Tunis became a French protectorate between 1881 and 1956, and today, French is the language most spoken in Tunisia after Arabic
  • Anselm Turmeda (1355-1423) was a Majorcan writer who converted to Islam and adopted the name of Abdallah at-Tarjuman. He wrote important works in Catalan and Arabic. He is buried in Tunis

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